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Shorthaired blond female with a white blaze on her forehead, approximately 7 weeks old.
Curly blond male, approximately 7 weeks old.

Except for their color, these two puppies don’t look anything alike although they are brother and sister. The first five weeks of their lives they spent in a box – a dark box – in someone’s yard. They had no human contact so they’re afraid of people, they don’t know what to expect which is why they cower and try to hide. These little ones need to learn that having a person around is a good thing and we’re counting on the resilience of puppyhood to have them clamoring for human affection in no time.


Semi-longhaired calico with grey, white, and buff markings; possibly a year old.

We’d never seen her before the night she appeared in one of our alleys. She was bone-thin, her fur grimmy and wet, and she appeared to be thoroughly exhausted. Either she’d been put out or someone moved and left her because she was friendly to us, and we were strangers. Friendliness is the kiss of death for animals on the streets, particularly for cats who are used to bait Pit Bulls in training for fights. So we took the emaciated and weary calico cat out of certain harm’s way; in return she has blossomed into an affectionate and mild-mannered girl.


Shorthaired black female, approximately 3 months old; seven toes on both front feet.

When she was found she was in a trash can looking for food; initially she was mistaken for a rat. Seven is quite a character, affectionate and rambunctious.

left behind....

Female Himalayan,
approximately 2 years old.
Grey and white shorthaired male, approximately 4 months old.

Theirs is the familiar story of having been left behind when their “owners” moved away. This cat and kitten had been stranded in the empty house without food for a week before the landlady came in to check on her property and saw the two. In fear, they ran away from her; she tried to chase them out but could not. She put a dog in the house to protect it from trespassers, and she hoped the dog would chase the cats out but he did not. Even if she had managed one way or another to shoo the cats out of the house, they did not know the ways of the streets – she would have been handing them a death sentence.

Fortunately someone gave the landlady our number and we were able to secure the terrified cat and kitten who are coming along very nicely in foster care. They’re shedding their fear, evidenced in the fact that they’ve begun to play; animals who are afraid do not play. And, they’re surprisingly trusting toward humans.


Shorthaired brown tiger female, approximately 5 months old.

A lady called to asy that a dog just tried to kill a kitten on her porch. She thought the kitten might be dead or dying because she was just lying there, not moving. When we arrived, the kitten was exhausted but alert. She exhibited no visible signs of injury but we had her seen by a veterinarian just to be sure. This one was unusually fortunate to have escaped a dog attack unscathed.

Now she is a sweet young lady, gentle and loving.


Beige and white shorthaired male, approximately 3 months old.

This little guy is the best-natured, most lovable kitten you could ever hope to find.


Note: Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this page are by Lillian Leslie

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