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Semi-longhaired beige; neutered and vaccinated; very affectionate

My partner Beverly and I found a very matted hungry male cat following anyone on the streets. I could tell his natural coloring was probably beige but he looked dirty gray. Beverly offered him food and he came right up to her. I picked him up and placed him in Beverly’s lap where he rode the duration of our route. He purred and purred and purred the whole time.


Semi-longhaired female shepherd mix; 3-4 months old; rambunctious and fun-loving.


Extremely petite tortoiseshell; 6-9 months old; spayed, blood-tested, vaccinated

A very tiny tortoiseshell kitten, very hungry came flying up to me. She was frightened and had her hackles up and her tail fluffed out but too hungry to leave the food. She dived into my pot before I could put the food down. I easily picked her up and placed her in a carrier with plenty of food. She appeared to be about 8 weeks old, if that. The veterinarian informed us that she was at least 6 months old!


Medium-sized male; neutered; vaccinated and good natured.


Note: Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this page are by Lillian Leslie

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