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We have 4 adorable solid gray kittens. They are about 6 wks old (5/29/00) and should be ready for adoption in about 2 weeks.

If you are interested in adopting one of these little guys email our volunteer, Dick.


Male, tan shepherd mix, approximately 5 months old; estimated adult weight over 50 pounds.

His mother brought him to the feeding place when he was old enough to eat on his own. Her street savvy prevents us from approaching her, but she wanted her baby to be safe from a harsh life in the alleys and she sensed we would not harm him.

The demands of survival weigh heavily on her, so she brought us her little one and in this was asking that we take him from the misery of the streets because she could not. It was at once a mother’s highest sacrifice and gift.


Brown tiger female, approximately 10 weeks old, blood tested, vaccinated.

Donna spotted her lying by herself on a rickety fire escape. On being approached she made no move to run away, so Donna snatched her. Delicate and fragile, the little one did not resist being put in a carrier with a soft towel and some food.

Her eyes were badly infected; an oozing abscess bulged over the one eye while dried-out fluids pasted shut the other. Upon examining her, the doctor determined this kitten’s sight was dim at best on the right and likely nonexistent on the left.

Perhaps when she laid down on the fire escape, she’d given up, overcome by a germ that was taking her eyesight, her appetite, her endurance and her will to live. Now she’s responding to medicines and kindness; her appetite has returned as well as an investment in life. She’s curious about her surroundings but startles easily due to the diminished vision.

Caring for a handicapped animal may require extra effort, but such an effort will reap special rewards in gaining the love and trust of one who has good reason to be afraid.


Female orange tiger, approximately 2 years old; blood tested, spayed, vaccinated.

She may not care for the company of other cats, but George adores people and gets along with dogs. She’s a lap cat.

In a single cat household with a person or people ready to receive her abundant affections, George would make an excellent companion.


Female, approximately 6 months old; one brown eye, one blue eye, and a brindled coat. Estimated adult weight 25 pounds.

The alley was undergoing renovation, a number of abandoned houses had already been knocked down and the animals who lived there were scattering. With nowhere to go, some still tried to survive in the shadows of what they once called home. Dee was out of the car looking for a place to put food - by now the whole area was unrecognizable and offered no safety for those coming to eat. As Dee walked, she sensed someone behind her, she turned to see a puppy quietly trotting at her heels.

Dee glanced around, no other puppies and no mother dog in sight, only a group of workmen preparing to demolish the last string of vacant houses. She approached them. “Does anybody know who this puppy belongs to?” One of the men told her the people who moved out left the puppy in the yard and that’s where she’s been ever since. He said he meant to bring food for her but forgot.

Days had passed since the little one had begun her lonely vigil of waiting, endless waiting for someone to return. Dee scooped her up and walked back to the car. The puppy happily nibbled on a little food before curling up to rest on a soft lap through the remainder of the alley route.

She’s been staying in a top-notch foster home with other puppies whose companionship she enjoys, but we hope to find the right person or family to give her a long happy life in a home of her own without the tiniest trace in her memory of that lonely yard in the midst of destruction where everything was tumbling down around her.


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