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September 16, 2000
Solid gray female, approximately 14 weeks old

She was siting all alone in the alley. Possibly four weeks old, she had no business being away from her mother’s protection, but there she was. A tiny thing, she put up quite a fuss during her rescue - she growled and hissed and struggled until finally, wrapped in a towel, she was put in a carrier. Forever safe from the streets.

In foster care she was treated for a bad case of round worms as well as upper respiratory illness (a cold). Small though she was, Roland resisted taking milk replacement formula; instead she preferred to eat dry food along with the adult cats, and she quickly learned to use the platform provided for her to reach the top of the water bowl.

A friendly, energetic youngster, Roland would enjoy a home with another kitten or young adult as interested in endless play as she.


September 16, 2000

As in Roland’s case, this baby was on her own when she should have been by her mother’s side. Someone may have taken her in temporarily then booted her out when caring for her became a bother.

The puppy was standing on the sidewalk when she saw the alley car come close and slow down. She headed toward a parked vehicle to hide under but she was too tiny to step off the curb. She didn’t resist being picked up and brought to safety - inside the alley car she ate contentedly before curling up for a well-deserved nap.


September 16, 2000

Curly is a black poodle mix, male, 1-2 years old; good watchdog; gets along with other dogs.


September 16, 2000

Male, Yorkshire Terrier mix, gets along well with other dogs; very sweet boy.


September 16, 2000

Female orange and white tabby, 3-4 months old. though sometimes shy, she likes people and loves other cats.


September 16, 2000
Solid white semi-longhaired male, approximately 4 months old. Relaxed and good-natured

To get to the feeding place, he was making his way over a heap of debris. Though dirty, his white fur nonetheless stood out - a striking contrast to the dark urban mountain of trash under his feet. He offered no protest when put in a carrier with food and a soft towel.

Sno-cap enjoys the company of people as well as cats.


December 2000
Possibly 3 years old, Mattie has been spayed, vaccinated, heartworm-tested, and groomed. Her multi-colored long fur is silverish, brownish, grayish.

Mattie’s Rescue
by Jeanie Willis

Winter has descended upon us; the weather has a chill that goes right through a person. My friend, Valerie, and I were bundled up when we went to downtown Baltimore last week to pick up rescued kittens. Arriving at our destination we saw a very sad little dog shaking and crying on the side of the street. She was very matted and covered with stickers. My heart went out to her, I could tell at once that she must be abandoned. She had a desperate look about her. Immediately my friend and I stopped the car and I jumped out to get her. Unfortunately my approaching so quickly only terrified her all the more and she took off down the street. It was useless to pursue her, I knew she would associate fear with my running after her.

My thoughts returned to her throughout the day, I knew we had to get her. We decided to try a night rescue and drove back that evening. Sure enough, there she was, sitting on an old broken sofa that had been thrown out into an alley. As luck would have it a loud noise scared her just as we approached. Off she went again to spend the night in a nearby park with the temperatures dipping into the low 30’s.

OK, I thought, this is it. Now what? Feeling desperate my friend and I decided to talk to some of the neighborhood people. We asked them to try their best to catch her and call us night or day with the good news. Two days went by with no call and I was starting to think that she probably wouldn’t make it. It was just too cold and she didn’t seem strong enough.

Then finally, good news! I got a call that she had been caught, was safely inside a home and ready to be picked up. Some children had chased after her with lots of food and encouragement and she finally succumbed to hunger and exhaustion. They were able to pick her up and take her inside. Needless to say, I was ecstatic!

We immediately took her to the vet and she received a clean bill of health. Apparently she had not been on the streets for very long as her general health is good. All she needed were her shots and to be spayed -- and a long warm bath! We decided to name her “Mattie” because she had given new meaning to the expression “bad hair day!” Under all that dirt, stickers, grease, and street filth we discovered a little darling, all 22 lbs of her.

Driving home from the vet I put Mattie in the front seat with me. She didn’t like where I had placed her, so she decided to climb over onto my lap and cuddle into me. She rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. Needless to say, I immediately fell in love! How lucky she is to be off the street. Now all she needs is a permanent home where she can rest her head on some lucky person’s shoulder and cuddle in all day long.


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