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2002 Raffle Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

Helen Hart, our mother, on her birthday, December 2nd. Helen & Morris Needle

"Jack the dog", our 'sweet 16' boy who left us on October 8th. Randee Askin & Ken Shuman

Earthworm and Little Jamila, I wish you blue skies and butterflies. Donna Rae Castillo

Michael & Kitty, we loved them very much. Paula & Irene

Talia, beloved Afghan hound. I love you and miss you so. Sherri Pennock

Alvin and Betty Ford, my dear parents, who took in many, many homeless cats and dogs and gave them a most loving place to live out their lives and treated them like one of the family. Mary Jo Ford Dale

Anita Claus, my late wife. Otto R. Claus

Phyllis Ritchie and Coco. Robert Ritchie

Scruffy, a gentle dog, killed by a buck deer. He is missed by the family and his friend "Peanut". Phyllis Cadwalader

Katherine Mueller. Bonnie Kurtz

Pumpkin Head, our 13 year old orange Tabby. Odessa Scott & Anaya Whye

Virginia, a little calico cat. She was trapped along with her mother, sister, and 4 brothers in July 1999. She had a happy life for a year but became ill with encephalitis and succumbed on 11/16/01. Julie Walker

Sandy, our wonderful cat who died Novemmber 16, 2001 at the age of 18 years. She is greatly missed. The Fleming Family

Peepers, a cockatiel who was brought from outdoors and rescued by Joan Serio who also had two rescued Greyhound dogs, Jingles and Leonard. Doris Hendricks

Cindy, a very precious Greyhound who left us a year and a half ago at age 14, and many other buddies. Ida M. Anthony

Precious dog, whom John and Dee tried to save on Memorial Day. And thanks to John and Dee for their kindness at the end.. Dianne White

Dorothy Smith, for her love of all animals, especially cats. her daughter Diane, and Matt Turner

Precious, my beloved calico cat. Ann B. Collins

Peaches, my parent's beloved Beagle. She loved to chase rabbits and lay by the fire. We miss you. Chris Bricker

Chris Ott, our friend - April 24, 1968 - December 10, 2001. Rosemary Haines & Kevin Unglesbee

Mickey, my wonderful wired-haired Fox Terrier who was my best swimming buddy for 14 years. Alan Harmon

Guido (2/6/84-12/10/01), Tigger, and Puppy, they gave more than they ever got. Carol Albert

Molly. Kathy Geiman

Sara A. Vincent, my mother, who loved and cared for animals. Barbara Smolinski

M & M, a tiny bundle of love and dearest little boy of Joyce P. Leah Bark

Jonathan, my soulmate in heaven. Carole & Alleigh Schaefer

Louie, my gentle, brave cat with the beautiful eyes who asked for so little but gave so much. Girl, small feisty Mom cat who loved her daughters more than life. Winston, all you ever wanted was a friend. Christopher, my first cat, with whom this all began. Linda Medura


In Honor of:

Tasha, the tabby - our new adoptee. Elizabeth Monks

Caroline. our new born daughter. Al and Marion Hosmer

Tessa, my Collie, who was 11 years old in August 2001. Ida M. Anthony

Woofy & Emmy. Suzanne Mieso

Lorine Haines, for her love of animals, wild and tame. Diane & Matt Turner

Mrs. E. D. Weidman. Kate and Jim Weidman

Chulengo. Terrie Jacks

Black Dog, that came to see my mother when she was in her last days with lung cancer (at home). She told me he was sitting there near her bed and he was looking at her. I believe he came to show her the way to the dark side of the moon. I also believe that love goes on forever, for love is a golden bridge that spans the vast chasm from earth to heaven. Barbara Smolinski

XIV Dalia Lama, in gratitude for his recovery. Paula S. Smith

Happy Birthdady to Marilyn Sellers


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