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Alley Animals is a small group of dedicated individuals whose goal it is to take as many homeless animals off the streets of Baltimore as they can. Six nights out of every week, regardless of the weather, individuals take to the streets to help the city's stray animals. In one night they will travel more than 385 alleys, feeding more than 3,000 animals and rescuing those in desperate need.

Traveling in pairs by car, these members hit the streets at midnight, usually not returning until 10 the next morning. The animals in dire straits are rescued immediately. By feeding animals that cannot be picked up, they lessen the hardship of street life. Once they've eaten, these animals return to their hiding places; at least temporarily they will not need to wander the streets in search of food. Perhaps some of them will not be hit by cars; others will not become targets of human cruelty.

Unfortunately we can but scratch the surface of the number of animals who need our help. Many of the ones we pick up are severly injured, some already dying; those we can save are rehabilitated and put up for adoption. Adoption policies are quite strict.

Alley Animals is on call 24 hours a day. We are unique in that we are the only group that goes directly into the streets to rescue, besides responding to emergency calls at any hour of the day or night. Emergencies have increased significantly over the past years. We have taken numerous cats from trees (one was nearly 80 feet up), out of storm drains and from sealed buildings. We have nursed orphaned birds, and various wildlife until we could transport them to people who would care for them until they could be released. We have cared for countless animals who were hit by cars. However, we do not run a shelter as such; we depend upon caring volunteers to foster many animals until they are ready for adoption.

When people call asking for assistance with neutering/spaying, we provide transportation and pay all expenses. We can only hope the animal will be well cared for, but, at least no unwanted off-spring will wind up on the streets or in the wrong hands.

Because we are the only animal group in the area experienced in street work, we are referred to by many people, including many veterinarians. We act on the most critical cases first.

And, finally, for those of us who spend our nights in the darkest recesses of the city, there is obvious danger in what we do. Some people hate the homeless animals trying to survive there and they seem to hate us for attempting to help them. We travel as inconspicuously as possible. And, there is always much heartbreak in the types of scenes and situations we witness.

Some of Alley Animal Activities....

Pet Rescue Day
(Organized by Alley Animals)
Area Breed Rescues set up tables at a local pet supply store

Information Table at a cat show

Adoption Day at a local pet supply store

Alley Animals Information Booth at Towsontowne Festival

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