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2003 Raffle Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

Dorothe Grand, our dearest friend. We miss you. Fudge and Snookum

Willie, Murphy & Gus, my three orange tabbies who have passed on. Johanna Maurer

OBU, faithful black kitty for 17 years. We miss her “lap” attitude & beautiful voice. Richard & Maurice English

Sweetie, my stray cat I rescued 15 years ago. Ann B. Collins

Alvin & Betty Ford, my dear parents whose love of animals was only surpassed by their love of all humanity. Mary-Jo Dale

Pepper and Grayling, our beloved Cats. Todd Cunningham & Jean Razulis

Smokey, a kind and loving companion of 16+ years who lost his battle with kidney failure on Dec. 19,2002. He will be greatly missed. Karen Diehl

Mitzi, my little dog, the love of my life. Sharon S. Nardone

Honey, my beautiful baby passed on 12/23/02. Jean Bottner

Joe Z., Ed, (the world’s most well-behaved cat), and all of heaven’s littlest angels. Laura Ost

Helen Hart, our mother, at Christmas. Helen & Morris Needle

Teddy, my best friend for 10 years; euthanized 12-8-02. You brought a special joy to all who knew you, especially me. Ginnie Franks

Lydia, our daughter, a true lover and protector of animals. Norma & Jack Norman

Capone, who will always be remembered as part of the family. Jenny & Dave Merrick

Seymour, a fine cat who is missed. Elizabeth Schuman

Kit Kat, my sweet blue-eyed cat who had to be put to sleep on 12/16/02 She was adopted on 12/7/89 from the Delaware SPCA. She was a gentle sweet cat until the end, and is missed very much, but lives on in my heart. Barbara Smolinski

Madison and Little Girl. David & Sharon Lucas

Max, our orange Tabby; part of our family for 13 years. We miss you. Gabrielle & Charles Bachman

Sammy, our gentle tabby, Kim I, our darling dog and Sol, my beloved husband - I think that I shall never see, a mixed bred dog as lovely as thee, pure breds are made by fools to strut, but only God can make a mutt. Marlene Shapiro & Kim II

Leslie Nielson, for all she does for animals. Katy Wreak

Miracle. Carrie Gilshen

Taylor, who was Pam’s favorite cat. Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Williams

Anita Claus, who loved all animals. Otto Claus

Pepper, my beloved dog. She was a loving companion to the old lady who needed her. Mary Lib Tierney

Francis Croke. Madeline Croke

Max Mahoney, grey tabby with patched white who was 15 years old. Passed 10/31/02 peacefully in my arms. “I so miss the small leap you would make to meet my outstretched hand in greeting.” “Your brother, Squeals, also misses you greatly.” Wendy South

Beezess, our bunny, and Bebe, our guinea pig. Mary Louise Lytle

Max, our 18 year old orange taby. We miss you very much. Elizabeth & Warren Monks

Sam, a wonderful “golden”, who always greeted people with a wagging tail and wrinkled nose. You will be missed. Evie & Ted Tontrup

Elizabeth Finley, my beloved mother. Anne Morrell

Molly, my beloved had to be put to sleep on 1/11/03 so this is in memory of her. She was the sweetest, best dog ever. Laurie Porter-Winkel

Rush, my beloved cat; Mozart - my husband’s Golden Retriever; Sarver & Isbee and all the other Clay Hill horses that are no longer with us. Marilyn Solomon

Fredy the Freeloader, who preceded his beloved benefactor Dorthe Grand 1/31/02, 6/11/02. E. Aldersen

Marian Brooks. Ruth Guienot McElvany

Lydia Zwanzger Riley, my mother, a true animal lover. Norma J. Norman

Milo and Ben, you are not forgotten. Donna Rae Castillo

Maxine, the best dog that ever lived. Thanks for the 16 years of love and loyalty. You will be missed. Sue, Chris, and Tasha

Bustopher, dearly beloved cat of John and Shirley Rice.


In Honor of:

Kathi Dolan. Kathleen Dolan

Rochelle Kasny. Kathleen Dolan

Susan Dudley for Christmas. B. Sidney Heidelbach, Jr.

Dr. Barbara Curbow an incredible mentor, teacher, and friend. Mary-Jo Dale

Sam, Ben and Peter Sonnega three terrific brothers who bring so much joy to everyone in their lives. Mary-Jo Dale

Adam, Alex and Darcy our three beautiful grandchildren. Sheila & Carl Bernstein

Tiger who was saved 11 years ago and is still our best friend. Jenny & Dave Merrick

Molly my wonderful cat friend - asks so little - gives so much. Susan Dalton


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