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2004 Spring Raffle Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

For all those Loved Ones that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. Marlene Pedder

Alice Throckmorton, who was a fairy godmother to every stray, furry feline who came to her door. Edna Kienle

Hermies, Marvin A. Feuerberg

Alvin and Betty Ford, my dear parents who taught me to always love and care for all God's creatures - great and small. Mary-Jo Ford Dale

Frenchy, my little miss, my little girl and I will miss her terribly. Barbara Porter

Calico Kitty, beloved friend and companion - died 12-11-03. Barbara Shreve

Rama, large crossbred pony - born 12-14-69, died 6-25-03 at 34.5 years of age. Barbara Shreve

John & Veronica Marko, my parents. Theresa Chonoski

Elizabeth Brunner & "Baby", our best friend and her loving cat. Sara A. Whitfield

Snowy, Fred & Helen Hickok

Marian Dickman, my mother: she loved her dogs - they're all with her now. Fern Dickman

Dorothe, Fredie, Surket & Pinky, you are all missed. Barney, Snookey, Fudge & Eleonora Aldersen

Collins Pets, may they rest in peace. Ann B. Collins

Bag Lady, Rest in Peace - your babies are well loved and cared for. Paula Clark

Missy & Seymour, Jacqueline Wing

Lydia, our daughter who loved all creatures great & small. Norma & John Norman

Mike & Houdini, Gerald Kracke

Betty Herling's Little "Louie" - who died December 03. He will be missed very much Edith Romano

Phyllis Crowson - 2001, Patricia Wilhelm

Jim Crowson - 1991, Patricia Wilhelm

Suzi, my loved cat, a beautiful calico. Eileen Steffe

Cleocatra & Tiffany, gone but always loved. Ana A. Garcia

Laura, John Meyer

Dude, the feline Southern Gentleman. Diann Creager

Bag Lady, Susan Jando

Penny, Buster and Sparkle, Martha R. Lanigan

Bear, my beloved wonderful dog who passed away on Dec. 12 at 7 years old. I miss him because he was my whole life. I loved him more than anything or anybody in this world. Also, Marco, my wonderful beloved cat. Jean Scarpardine

Annie and Ernie, Barbara Schneider

Molly, an unforgettable cat friend and Bingo - a great dog friend. Kathy Geiman

Oreo, our beagle. Dora Yockelson

Sammi, Madison & Little Girl, David & Sharon Lucas

Bag Lady, in celebration of her life. Marlene Pedder & the 4 meows

Chunkie, Thomas, Gweedo, Doodie, I miss all of you. Carolyn Orandle

Pork Chop, a sweet, sweet gentle soul with 4 legs and the beloved dog family member of the Vincent family. Barbara Smolinski

Elaine Pratt Fennington, who loved all animals and brought home many strays. 1947 - 1990. Vera Pratt

Cuddles, adopted from Alley Animals in 1994. Most lovable dog I ever owned. Thank you for your love and devotion, Cuddles. I miss you so much. Judith a. Scheuing

Bag Lady, Charles & Charlotte Trainor

Weiner, we miss him so very much. Tara Einhorn

Sunshine, Beth Monks

Oliver, my beloved cat who passed away just a year ago. Francine Jamin

Bear, my baby girl. Tammy Dickson

Bushie, Tiger & muffin, dear companions, left me suddenly, greatly misssed. Marybelle C. Page

Jake, a very special beagle, loved and missed by Jim D. and "Eddy". Phylis J. Cadwalader

Sammy, my Grandkitty and without a doubt the sweetest cat I've ever known. The "Samster", we will miss him terribly.Mary C. Mathews

Arthur Secker, who loved and cared for God's critters.Barbara Ann Rackl

My beloved feline son, Josh, Alan W. Pendleton

Mildred and Addison, Alden Addy

Terrell "Terry" Marie Fisher Berkovsky, Thomas G. Pitus

Terry Berkovsky, Donna M. Crisalli

Terry Berkovsky, Ward L. Thomas

Terrell Berkovsky, Andrea B. Kelley

Terry Berkovsky, Lois G. Lerner

Terry Berkovsky, Theresa Pattara

Terry Berkovsky, Sara L. Young

Terrell Marie Fisher Berkovsky, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Crooke

Terry Berkovsky, James F. Langley

Terry Berkovsky, Robert M. Cowen

Terrell Marie Fisher Berkovsky, Sadie R. Copeland

Terrell Marie Fisher Berkovsky, Ellen S. Berick

Terry Berkovsky, Thomas J. Miller

If your memorial is missing, please call Dick at 410-823-3319.

In Honor of:

Urumchi, not quite one year old tortoise-shell kitten Terri Jacks

Patches, "ferocious" stray turned gentleman cat. Terri Jacks

Daisy, Puff & Boo, Ann B. Collins

"Without Warning" cats, Natalie Pawlow

"Without Warning" cats, Doris Richard

Angela Markle, James Markle

Little Fox, Katie, Samantha, Mokey, Midnight, Garfield, Pookie, Stormy, Pumpkin Pie, Joseph, Blue giel, Gray Angel, Peekin, Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, Cutie & Golddust, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hoffman

Our Brave Faithful Volunteers, Maureen & Richard English

Liana and Zoe's Bat Mitzvahs Nancy Abramson


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