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Raffle - Spring 2005 Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

Chunkie, Gweedo, Thomas, Doobie & Bosco, Love and miss you. Carolyn Orandle

Katie Maiers-Goldsmith. Lori Goldsmith

Jesse, Alley Animals rescued you from a storm drain 17 years ago. We had fun taking care of each other for too short a time. Godspeed Jesse. Gloriane Garth

Pocket, who left me 8/30/04, a loving companion greatly missed,and all my wonderful pets that have passed and ones still here. Marybelle C. Page

Adam, and in celebration of all our family’s animal companions. George & Marcia Wines

Helen Hart, my mother. Helen Needle

Ethel Barret, my friend. Doris Dunker

Eddie, missed by Jim, Joey, and his friends across the alley. Phyllis J. Cadwalader

Anita Claus, Otto Claus

Einstein, sweet companion of Heather & Marshall Perkins. He is much loved and sorely missed. Randee Askin

Hermies, our cat. Marvin Feuerberg

Festus, Peepers, Grayling, Miss Catta and Inky, our dear pets. Jean Razulis

Oliver, my beloved cat who died two years ago, and to welcome Toby to a better home. Francine Jamin

Ashana, our great Uncle. Ben & Jerry, Burmese kittens. Michael & Lorraine Kozel

All the “critters” I have loved. Lenna D. Kennedy

Daisy, who died on 8/16/04. This is the first Christmas without you. Everyone misses you. Love, Your Mother

Button & Sweetheart, Marian & Barry Godwin

Rudy, my foster cat (in 2000) and Holly, a nice rabbit. Donna Rae Castillo

Pat Madigan, Ilse Madigan

My dear dog Phoenix who died so suddenly. Kathy Geiman

Phoenix, Laura M. Ost

Betty and Alvin Ford, who opened their home and their hearts to many homeless cats and dogs - and who passed that tradition to their children. Mary-Jo Ford Dale and L. David Ford

Michael & Kitty, Paula & Irene

Cleocatra and Tiffany, my two beautiful cats. Gone but never forgotten, remembered always with love. Ana A. Garcia

Benji, a sweet poodle mix who died of starvation and maggot infestation at the hands of a cruel owner in Washington, D.C. If there are any heavens, Benji, you will have one. You deserved so much better. Dianne White

Mary Frye and her poetry. Victoria Windsor

Six furry little felines, Edna Kienle

A congentially deaf white cat who was found on a median in NC 17 years ago, and entertained himself well till this month. Joyce Briggs

Garfield, (April 1990 - August 21, 2004). Our comical male cat with puppy-size paws. charming and playful to the end. Sadly missed, but reunited with his sister, Miro. Wendy South

Doris Hill, who loved and cared for many animals during her life. Joyce Kraft

My husband Dick, Maria Sciarretta and our neighbors

Urchin, our tiny street cat who accepted our offer of a comfortable home five short years ago. Outwardly stunted by poor beginnings, but the heart and courage of a true champion. Sadly passed October 8, 2004 of fibrosarcoma and complications. We grieve but know she is free to run again. Wendy South

My Dad, Clifford Stanley (died 11/20/04). He fed the swans and saved his beloved cat, Lucky. He rescued him from a closed-in crawl space. Sharon Nardone

One of my beloved feral feline friends who passed away in December from Leukemia. This wonderful orange tabby was called “Bo” by me. Alan Pendleton

Dylan, Amy Hunovice’s loving and beloved cat. Dylan was and will always be in her heart and he will always love her. Judy Berger

Susan M. Bufano, (1952 - 2004) Susan’s life was woven amongst the animals she befriended and cared for. Throughout her life Susan befriended countless other dogs and cats, pet-sitting for friends and neighbors when they needed her, and taking care of the occasional stray cats that wandered up to her door. Her love for animals even extended to llamas, as she helped out a local family that raised llamas. Local squirrels mysteriously appeared regularly at her windows, looking for handouts. At the time of her sudden death, she was caring for two cats of her own and two “strays”. A supporter of various animal rescues, Susan Bufano never drove by a dog or cat that appeared lost. She never refused to help any animal in distress. She was always there for the dogs and cats that shared her life. Richard A. Bajackson

My mother, Jessie Batch, Shirley & John Rice

Jessie Batch, in loving memory of my Aunt. Lynn Sawyer

Jessie Batch, a very kind lady with a deep love for animals. J. Rice, Jean Busby, Frances Cessna, Marian Krampholz, Ruth & Rex Spicer and James & Doris Schisler


In Honor of:

Chris Harmon, a fabulous nephew and musician. Alan Harmon

Phoenix’s caretakers; Lillian, Alice and Jeanie., Tom Kiefer/Tom Meyers

Jeannie with love. Laura M. Ost

Shirley Keeling, Thank You. Susan

Dr. Bill Bensong, Chief of Staff at 24 Hour Veterinary Complex, who labored to save Urchin and who’s efforts gave us nine additional months with her. Thanks for trying so hard for “Possum”. Wendy South

Mickey Flynn, Bear and Boomer, Feline Special Teams who stayed with the new owners of our farm property, to continue their lifestyle. Good luck - we miss seeing you everyday! Wendy South

Marilyn Sellers on her birthday - February 3rd.

Megan Jones, on her birthday - March 8th. Margaret Jones

Elizabeth Lean, on her birthday. Charles Lean

Sheriden and Victoria and their dog Beau. Carol Ebeling


Note: Your memorials are important to us. Please let us know if we have made any errors so that we can correct them and reprint your remembrance. If we neglect to include a memorial you submitted, please accept our apology and let us know to include it in our next issue. A memorial donation and remembrance of your beloved companions (animal as well as human) is a wonderful way to honor their memory and we want to get it right.

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