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Fall 2002 Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

My son, James F. Leslie, Jr., reunited at the Rainbow Bridge with his boyhood companion Casco. James F. Leslie, Sr.

Saul Smilow - a wonderful person. The Sentinel Title Corporation

Saul Smilow - Co-worker & friend. Wayne E. Jordan & Family

Saul Smilow - Fred Cohen, D.V.M., Westview Animal Hospital

Saul Sheldon Smilow - Mr. & Mrs. Milton C. Feher

Saul Smilow - our dear friend. Barbara & Paul Peles

Saul Smilow - Jeanne Archuleta

Saul Smilow - Marie & Fred Turbe

Saul Smilow - Jennifer Buterbaugh

Saul Smilow - a very good friend. Karl Medinger

Saul Smilow - Julie G. Pope

Saul Smilow - J. Love

J.R. - a stray cat who came to live with us about 12 years ago. He had to go to Kit-Kat Heaven on April 1, 2002. All he ever asked for was to be loved. He is sadly missed. Myrtle McCance

Dorothe M. Grand - my friend and colleague who died on June 11th. Lenore Fine

Dorothe M. Grand - Nancy Pinkerton

Dorothe M. Grand - Evelyn Alexander

Mr. Nettles - our dear black cat who died June 22, 1998. He was a gentle soul who had been abused and came to live out his life with us, a Westie and three buddies. Alice K. Helm

Anthony - a (mostly) West Highland Terrier; a devoted and faithful friend to Bernadette. Phyllis J. Cadwalader

Jerry Swisher - Who gave shelter to many homeless animals and who found the owners of countless lost friends. Janet Piasecki

Patches - the most beautiful Calico to ever live. God picked her up and personally painted her Himself. I miss her quirky sense of humor. Diann Creager

Lucy - our bravest girl, who fought so hard for life. She was the joy and subshine of our days. We miss you. Cheryl Ann Plane

Miss Olivia - she was thin, matted and had last use of her back paws at 16. But she knew me when I kissed her goodbye. I was her sitter many a week when her folks were away. She was always vocal, even at the end. But she was loved and we'll all be together one day - my 4 cats & Westie, long gone. Alice K. Helm

Bear - my best friend who misssed her 17th birthday by 8 days. A loyal buddy who was always there for me in good times and bad. And let us bring home our Capuchin (monkey) "Sparky" and accepted him. She is missed every day, and my heart still aches. She was taken off the street and stayed with me for 16-1/2 years. Mommy misses you so much. Tammy Dickson

Snoop - the cat - 17-1/2 years old - died 12/01. Fred Sanders

Lucille T. Neugebauer - a true animal lover. R. Neugebauer, Jr.

Max - tall, handsome, black & white cat. He was rescued in New York and adopted by David, who had never known cat companionship before, but who was "converted" by Max's sweet personality and beautiful manners. Max is missed by many friends and neighbors. Natalie Pawlow

Bill Law - my father, who loved his animals and his family dearly. Janet Freeze

Sol - my beloved husband who is with Kim I and Sammy. Marlene Schapiro

Lorraine & Calvin Heinecker - my parents. Deborah Heinecker

Wolfe and Sheena - two beautiful dogs and Thomas, my beautiful black cat. Helen Needle

Woofie - a loving and much loved dog who left his many friends at 17 years of age. Phyllis J. Cadwalader

Lil Red & Midou - two sweet cats. Virginia Artola Cadwalader

Junior K. Pussycat - who passed away 2 years ago. I still miss him. And Kofer, my childhood friend. Hazel

Sasha - my baby girl. I miss you. Tracy Lowry

Dr. & Mrs. Tait - my grandparents. Sherri Pennock

Sheeba May - you lived a long life here on earth, and made so many happy. I only hope to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge someday. Mary Arthur

Elaine Sobus - who passed away on August 17th. She will be missed by her kids (poodles) Jake and Ginger. Robin Wolf

In Honor of:

Richard - kind and gentle heart towards his family and God's creations - the animals. Happy Birthday - God Bless you. Your family

Heidi and Thumper with love. Pat and Bob Williams

The birth of our beautiful granddaughter, Darcy Joanna. Sheila & Carl Bernstein

Woofy and Emmy. Suzanne Mieso


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