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Raffle - Fall 2003 Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

Igor, my little space cadet. Returned to the mother ship. Dana C. Wiggs

Powder, Marilyn Tennyson's cat. A true and loving companion. Dana C. Wiggs

Jazpur, John Finnegan's gentleman cat. He was a fine judge of character and an absolute friend to the end. Dana C. Wiggs

Tabitha, a long haired tortoise shell stray kitty we took in who brightened our lives until a stroke took her away from us when she was 18. She was the greatest kitty I ever loved. Mary Buff

Morris Needle. Helen Needle

Morris Needle, my dear friend. I, along with his family and dog, will miss him. Doris S. Jones

Morris (Sonny) Needle, from his neighbors & friends.

Morris Needle, father of Janice Kispert. Maryland Child Advocacy Alliance

Morris Needle, father of Janice Kispert. Melissa McDermott Lane

Frisky Aloysius, a little gray "man" with a very big heart. He was Lauren's devoted friend for 14 years. We all hope he will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. White Family

Katie, our beloved. C. Geher

Norman E. Gonet, we miss you. Woodie & Mitzi

Guila Manchester, a kind and caring lady who loved and cared about all animals. Her life wasd evoted to helping them. Winifred Reuter

Buddy & Muffie, our two kids. Rita

Sweetheart, our 16 year old Golden Retriever who died October 25. Marian & Barry Godwin

Spockey, he was such a gentleman. Edmund Levine

Kismet ,the much loved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel of our friend Judy Berger. You were always there for Judy and at the end she was there for you. She did the hardest thing a devoted owner can do for their pet, she gave you release from your pain. even though it added to hers. Sleep well Kismet and say hi to all your friends. Sheila & Carl Bernstein

Boots, our beloved who gave us 17 wonderful years. I miss her so much. Joyce Adams

Trooper, devoted tail-wagging companion of Sarah, Ben, Elsa, and Stanley Rouse. The Waldman Family

Tubby, our Main Coon cat. For 17 years he was our "gentle giant" James & Rose Gattuso

Francesco, my beloved dog who left this earth on April 13th. Carrie Gilshen

Rex, my Doberman. who passed away on 3-6-03, 13 years old. Stanly Boulden

Neska, a beautiful pet who was rescued in California. Lois G. Maupin

Pumpkin & C.C. Rita Flygar

Kismet, Judy Berger's Cavalier. Arlene Hochberg

Mickey. Lillian & Alice

Samanatha, the happy wanderer; a stray who came home to stay. Lillian G. Leslie & James F. Leslie

Armstrong. Lillian & Alice


In Honor of:

Raggedy Ann & Coal as well as all others in the same predicament. Doris Richard

Christina Lazar, my sister, who has rescued many strays. Barbara Porter

Alice Arnold and the rest of the Alley Animals staff. Marlene Schapiro & Kim II

Smokey, Magpie & Pumpkin. 3 great Montana cats. Toni Rapone


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