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Fall 2004 Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

Scooter, our beloved kitty. James Gattuso

Mowgli, and his sisters, Muskrat & Balou - Short lives, much loved. Patricia Green

Ethel Barrett. Melvin Barrett

Sebastian, who has now been gone for several years, but is not forgotten. I miss your head butts, your biting my feet to get up, and your silly antics. I hope you are now able to enjoy your life in heaven without all the pain you had to endure on earth. Susan Schellman

Susie, my beautiful Calico cat who died October 13, 2003. A wonderful friend who is greatly missed. Eileen Steffee

Mary L. Frye. The Bandzwolek Family

Booter, a truly great canine and wonderful friend. Christine Clayton

Menthie & Deli who died last autumn. Ernest F. Redeman, Jr.

Susan and Goblin, two very special kitties. Theresa Chonoski

Mary L. Frye, a great friend to animals, especially cats, her whole life. Carolyn Pacheco

Pat Madigan. Ilse Madigan

Anita Claus. Otto Claus

Betsy. Mary Ellen Younkins

All my furry babies that have passed and the ones still here. Carole A. Downes

Mary L. Frye. Lillian Parker

Desi, the most beautiful, funniest cat we ever knew. Dave, Cindy & Bailey

Garth, Our Cairn. We miss you so much. Ed & Nancy Foltz

Tiger, my dear, sweet companion of 16 years who passed away this summer. Anne Parker

Cleo & Missy. Deborah S. Szymanik

Mo. Bruce R. Myles

Misty Pearl Brady, a faithful and much loved "Pets-on-Wheels" volunteer. Maureen A. English

Ba-Be Gin-Gin, she came to me rescued from nearly being given to a Pit Bull. She loved me for 15 years. Thanks to Alley Animals. Nannie Melton

Morris, Rascal, Rastus, Brandy, Nippy, Fritz, and our other angels. Dan & Carolyn Hoffman

Bean, my beloved. Sha Emminizer

Madelon Decker, our Mom. Patti & Richard Decker

Phinese & Silas, our dear Siamese cats. Patti & Richard Decker

Prissy & Bud, my son's beloved cat and dog. Linda Gooding

Mr. Madigan, who died on May 6, 2004. Ilse Madigan

Katherine M. Mueller. Bonnie Kurtz

Mowgli, Balou & Muskrat, three great kittens rescued from the streets only to die less than a year later from FIP. Thank you for the time you gave us. Patricia Green & Jerry Young

Sara Wylie, who died April 30. Nan Owens & Sally Williamson


In Honor of:

Smokey, Magpie & Pumpkin the bigs cats of Montana. Ms. Toni Rapone

Bailey my Cocker Spaniel who died at four years old from cancer. Barbra A. Halburd

Poet, Happy Birthday my baby Lab "6" years young. Mommy

The birth of our granddaugher, Jena Caitlyn Bernstein. Sheila & Carl Bernstein

Tabby, his 11th birthday on September 25th. Marilyn Sellers

Helen Wright, thank you for being our friend. Molly and Samantha

Pam Williams, love Mom & Dad


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