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Summer 2003 Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

Tricky, eighteen year old feline. Ann Boeh

Jane Koontz, a special lady who loved dogs. Pat Wilhelm

Brianna, our beautiful Shepherd, loved her so much; Ollie, perky doggie loved everyone; Charlie, our sweet cat. Miss you all. Chris & Gary Lienesch

Sue Martinko, a lover and caregiver to all animals. My best friend Marlene Pedder

Rose Stein, my mother Marlene Pedder

Gwenny, my beloved singing Siberian Husky who died October, 2000. Kathleen Berry

Suzanne, my special kitty, forever in my heart. Theresa Chonoski

Madelon Decker, who loved animals. Happy Birthday Mom! Decker Family

Silas, our Siamese cat and family member - 13 years was not enough time wi1h you. Decker Family

Sammy, our wonderful black cat. Jacqueline & John Lodmell

Clancy, who passed away May 2002, 14 years old. I loved him very much. Mildred Barber

Mickey, my precious cat who left us at nearly 17 years of age on February 8, 2003. Mary Jane Halsor

Mr. Kitty, our lovable Burnese kitty. We miss you. Michael Kozel

Sweetie, for 19 years you were quietly there. I miss you. Nina Lowe

Shy, patched brown tabby, formerly feral, who made the leap of faith into my hands five years ago. My grief at your abrupt passing is so great that I am speechless. My love stays with you. Wendy South

Ginger, Bob's lovebug. Pam Arnett

Bandit, a big tabby with a bigger heart, who was 100 percent pure cat. Barry Freidly

Benny, our sweet and loving kitty, who would "sing" for his supper. You are missed so much. Evie & Ted Tontrup

Festus, my precious kitty of 17 years. You offered unconditional love and friendship. I will always love you, my special friend. Sue Rasch

J.R., a magnificent cat who was passing by and decided he needed a home. Nancy & Alex Allan

Boomer, a sweet, courageous, and free-spirited soul who was taken too early in life, but leaves a lifetime of wonderful memories. He is greatly missed. Gamma & Gampa

Sybil, our beautiful tabby who gave us 17 years of wonderful memories. Kathy & David Rains

Oliver, my very best friend. Francine Jamin

Bruce & Marian Bucklew's precious Murray, Kitty & Socks. Marcia Wines

Dorothy Rohl, my mother and friend. Denise C. Rohl

Mother, on Mother's Day. Helen & Morris Needle

The little Trapped Kitten, who was forced to die by that monstrous couple who deliberately chose cruelty over kindness that literally would have cost them nothing. Diane Hankey

Lexus, Allen's sister's Golden Lab, who died recently. Lexus was blessed with a happy caring family, and she was definitely part of the family. Allen Borgerding & Linda McCormick

Daffy, a stray adopted from the Chicago Animal Control - he was almost 2 years old. He died at 13 after a long illness. He is missed. Rose Marie Siemeck

Alyssa Caezza, our daughter, who never met an animal she didn't love. Rob & Mary Ann Stothard

Badboy, the family dog, our snaggled-toothed boy. For all the warm memories (like stinky dog farts & your white wagging tail), thank you. We couldn't have had a better boy. I know we'll meet again. Love for always and ever. Enna & the Wheelers

In Honor of:

Myrtle Scheeler, my grandmother. Frederick T. Rossmark, Jr.

Thumper and Heidi with love. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Williams

Smokey, Magpie & Pumpkin, three awesome Montana cats. Toni Rapone


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