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2004 Spring Raffle Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

Donna Sexton, Anne W. Smawley

Anita R. Claus, Otto R. Claus

Winnie (Winchester), a very nice cat who died on Thursday, April 22nd, and who belonged to Wayne and Brenda Green. Mildred D. Costin

Able, who was found as a puppy on top of a trash can; he was adopted by a wonderful family who loved him for 15 years and gave him the kind of life every puppy dreams of. In return, he gave them unconditional love. Randee Askin

Rex, my black Dobie and also my best friend. He passed away March 7, 2003. Rest in peace old buddy. Dr. Stanley Boulden

Casey, William A. Wilkins and Deborah A. O'Connor

William Greinus, Robert G. Sparrow

Susie, Irene A. Anderson

Terry M. Fisher Berkovsky, Mary Louise Broadbeck

Sabra, a good and faithful dog and friend. Jeff

Calico Kitty, beloved friend and companion, died 12/11/03. Barbara Shreeve

Rama, large crossbred pony, born 12/14/68, died 6/25/03 at 34-1/2 years of age. Barbara Shreeve

Pepper, beloved 16 year old Labrador euthanized 3/23/04, her presence inspired us all, we wish you a safe journey home. Barbara Shreeve

Virginia Crabbe, who loved animals and took pity on all the strays and homeless ones who came to her door. Barbara Smolinski

Kitty Girl, who adopted us. We miss her. Eva A. Goscinski

Terry Berkovsky, Eric D. Larner

Annette Davies, a true friend of all animals. Lierra Lenhard, Enid Feinberg

Dusty, Pepper and Spitfire, Blaze, Jody, Jennie, the Talker, and Marlene Pegg

Peezie, the best tabby ever.Angela Brittain

John and Veronica Marko, my parents. Theresa Chonoski

Sampson, our furry friend who sometimes acted more like a dog than a cat. The Wichers family

Oakland Tobias, died on 12/4/03, at 18 years. The Best in Show (of life). You chose us at 6 weeks forever! Meet me at the bridge, my friend. Wendy South

Miro, died on 12/23/03 at 13 years. Art in Life! Calico of great beauty. Finally at rest from extended illness. With tender thoughts. Wendy South

Mr. Cobb, 1987 - December 2003. Our rescued Pug who was grieving for his former owner. Forrest sends hugs; go to your owner who must have loved you before passing on. We were your adopted family for 8 years and loved you. Wendy South

Conan, my beautiful Belgian Terranean who gave me 13 years of love and devotion and will be sorely missed forever. Jim Burnett

Rocky, Tito Ho Hoang

Alice A. Harmon, C. Gloeckler, Cheryl Ann Plane, Davis, Robert J. Ryan, Muddy Creek Animal Hospital, June Schwartz, Elizabeth Smith-Murphy, Gloria V. Twomey, Ella I. Smith, Lora Johnston, Roxanne Weidele and Janice Booth, Catherine McGuire, Ed Epstein and Kate Purcell, June Lessner, Charles W. Hamann, Civilian Employees Recreation Association, United States Naval Academy, Linda K. Junker, Southern High School

If your memorial is missing, please call Dick at 410-823-3319.

In Honor of:

Oscar and Ann Collins, Florence Mulhern

Poker, our 14 year old kitty. The Wichers family

All who love and care for animals, Marlene Pedder

Kitty, Marion Tucker

Mackenzie Geisel's birthday, Pamela K. and Ritchie L. Geisel


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