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Once defensive out of necessity, now a sweet boy who knows he's safe and loved.

He was donated to a classroom of elementary school students who were to assume responsibility for taking care of him. If the arrangement had potential for a good outcome, the fact is that the children were poorly supervised. By the time a school administrator asked us to come get the bunny, he showed advanced defensive behavior when anyone approached his cage. Clearly, the rabbit had been teased a great deal.

When treated kindly, animals respond well. But this rabbit learned to expect every contact with people would bring another occasion of tormenting. He was not aggressive or “mean”, by stomping and charging he was only trying to protect himself from further mistreatment.

Things took a turn for the better when the rabbit’s classroom usefulness expired. Fortunately, someone knew of us and called to ask if we would take him. After he was neutered he went to live in foster care where he was given the name Chisik. Months passed before he stopped behaving disagreeably every time his food and water were replenished. His temperament softened in stages until eventually he was a changed rabbit -- the result of being treated kindly and with respect.

Highly social animals, rabbits need company and the time had come for Chisik to join other rabbits in a permanent home. Now he can kick up his heels and romp with his companions or lie quietly by himself on a bed of hay in the sun. Never again will he be forced to live in cramped solitary confinement (as so very many “pet” rabbits), a dismal life by any standard of decency.

Whether in his freewheeling antics or a luxurious sprawl-about, to observe him is delightful entertainment; Chisik has gladly left his past behind and we are glad to have given him the opportunity.


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