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Two saved at Easter

A lady visiting a farmer’s market last spring passed by a stand where this pair was for sale. The week before Easter they were baby ducklings, just two of the multitude put up for sale as “toys” for children. The lady couldn’t stand to see them at the bottom of a cardboard box in the sun; she purchased them, put them in her bathroom, and called us.

These may be the only birds sold that day who lived long enough to grow up because they were not purchased to provide a few days novel entertainment. This pair found salvation at Easter because someone acted out of respect for them as living beings, to save them from the fate in store for so many others.

Until people stand back long enough to take a hard look at the sorry practice of exploiting infants at Easter, farmers’ market vendors and pet store owners will bank a profit from our lack of respect for infants of other species. Until the market for bunnies, chicks, and ducklings comes to an end, Easter will bring them anything but salvation.


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