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Nowhere Else To Go
by Denetria Patras

Another night on the streets of Inner City Baltimore. In and out of alleys leaving food for our four legged homeless. In what we call Queeny’s alley, the name of a beautiful calico spayed friend who lived there for many years, I noticed a large black male feline coming from the basement of a vacant building. The building he occupied was scheduled for demolition so I took note that I would have to get him out before it happened. The very next trip into the alley to my horror the building lay in rubble. As I stood there surveying the devastation and contemplating my big cat’s fate, up from the center of the rubble rose a black head, the rest of the body followed as he came running to me for his meal. Somehow he survived the destruction of his “home”, yet he returned to it when the dust cleared. The only place he knew was destroyed, but he had no where else to go.


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