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The little one showed up one night in a new section on the west side. She was quite friendly yet panicky over the food, a combination that usually leads us to believe that an animal is “owned” but not properly cared for. On her next visit to the west side, Dee pulled into the alley where she’d seen this little girl and this time the cat was perched and waiting. She cam flying as soon as she saw the alley car and dove into our offering of food.

Seeing this was enough to stir Dee into action. She got out of the car, planted herself in the middle of the alley, and loudly announced to any and all within earshot that if this little cat is left out again she’s going to be picked up. “I better not see this animal in the alley next time I come here or I’m taking her with me.

So the next trip into the alley when the little one came running to the car, Dee wasted no time putting her in a carrier where she ate a handsome meal and curled up for a long, contented nap.


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