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If you read our newsletters you know we are in the streets six nights a week, every week of the year.

As one who has been through the alleys night after night over an extended time period, I know what happens to homeless and abandoned animals. I've seen their suffering with my own eyes.

Still, I am apart from their pain. I have seen it but I haven't lived it -- I have a place to sleep, I enjoy the luxury of sipping cold beverages on a hot day, hot beverages on a cold day. I don't know how it feels to be infested with round worms or coccidia eating through my internal organs. Nevertheless, without ever having endured what they endure, part of my job requires that I convey to you a sense of the urgency in our street work to inspire you and fuel your compassion into supporting our efforts.

Those of you who regularly donate to Alley Animals demonstrate an excellence of character. Your donations tell us that, although you have not lived the life of misery and hardship forced on homeless animals, although you may never travel the alleys or see firsthand the look in their eyes, you share your blessings with ones who can neither thank you nor return your favor. This selfless giving makes possible our continued trips into the streets on their behalf.

Please consider participating in our Spring Raffle. By doing so you will be eligible for one of our modest prizes, but more than this you will be providing us the means to go back to the streets where life only gets harder for those who live another day there.

Help Us Help Them

Tickets $1.00 Each -- Drawing Date is April 29, 2002

Call 410-823-3319 for tickets. Leave name, address and number of tickets desired. When you receive the tickets please write your name and telephone number on each and mail to:

Alley Animals
P.O. Box 27487
Towson, Maryland 21285-7487

1st Prize $500.00 Savings Bond (or cash equivalent) Donated by Midstate Savings & Loan Association
2nd Prize $200.00
3rd Prize $150.00
4th Prize $100.00
5th Prize $100.00

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