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Fall 2001 Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

Anita Claus, my dear departed wife. Otto R. Claus

Calico and Peepers who, as kittens, adopted my father. From kittenhood and through their old age, they became my father's devoted companions. Lillian G. Leslie

Heathcliff McTavish Dundee, my beloved Scottie. Barbara Patton

Oliver, the friendly and dignified orange cat who delighted neighbors in our courtyard for over ten years and was always waiting at the garage door when his owner, Joan Barroll, returned from work. You are missed at the Park Lynn Apartments, but we know you now cavort with higher beings. Dorian and David

Tiny, born to a stray under our back porch. We watched the litter grow, but Tiny did not. Knowing you wouldn't make it on the street, we gave you a home, but it wasn't enough. You captured our hearts in your ten weeks of life. You are not forgotten. Bruce Stone

Barney, my wonderful dog who was put to sleep on 9/17/01 because of cancer. Susan Patry

Madelon Decker, who passed on her love for God's furry and feathered creations. Thank you, Mom. Your family, Richard, Pat, Jeremy, Elisha and Shanna Decker

Cindy Berger, and her beautiful cat Jez. Mildred C. Berger

Lady, a wonderful dog who was with us 16 years.Ernest & Darlene Goff

Willie, my beloved cat. I rescued him and his brother Bo in Dec. 1993. He was nearly 7 when he left us July 6th this year of severe heart disease. He was always by my side. I miss him so! I have a large family of rescues and former strays, but he was special. We'll see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, Willie. Ruth Smith

Albert, my beloved cat. Mary Jane Halsor

Theresa, my daughter. Mrs. Lawrence Wilhelm

Snoopy, a good friend's cat. Ken Swauger

Conan Jim Burnett

Rosie, very dealy beloved brown tabby girl and long time companion of Dan and January Strauss. Fred Michaelson

Clydie & Syl we miss you so much. We will always love you both. Diane & Charles Passamonte

Mt. T. (10 wks.), Rita (4 wks.), and Henry (8 days), the three sweetest little bottle baby kittens there ever were.Tracy Roksvaag

Bag Lady, an injured pup we picked up from the streets, turned in to a Lady when the Goff family adopted her. We'll never forget Bag Lady the pup, and we'll always be thankful to the Goff family for giving Lady, the dog, 16 happy years. Alley Animals

Louie and Cricket, who gave us unconditional love for 17 years (Louie) and 16 years (Cricket). The Shaffers

In Honor of:

Tabby, my beautiful Persian baby boy who was 8 years old on September 25th. Marilyn Sellers

Daisy. our Walker Coon Hound -- Mommy's baby and Daddy's little girl.Walter and Helen Clemmenson

Pam Williams, for all of her kindnesses to her many feline friends. Love, Mom and Dad

James Leslie, my father; a gentleman par excellence. Lillian G. Leslie

Special Thanks To:

Karen Harris, and the Classic Images Car Club of Maryland for donating to Alley Animals the proceeds from their annual Homeless Animals Benefit Car Show last September.

Richard DeVilbiss for continued diligence in the many invaluable tasks he accomplishes for Alley Animals.

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