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Summer 2002 Edition
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Jasper, my wonderful smooth Collie (tri-color) who was adopted as a puppy. He was 12-1/2 when cancer took his life. He was a very handsome dog, and many times, when walking him, people would yell out "What a beautiful dog". He was sweet, intelligent and a loyal friend and companion. I miss him very much. Diana Watson

Our Cindy and cat Jezabel God Bless. Mildred Berger

Katherine Moretti, and her old cat Jessie. June Adcock

Reggie Jackson Dubbs. Maryanne Dubbs

Chappy and Geordi - our two beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who left us only three months apart. "Thanks for the memories and the love". Sheila & Carl Bernstein

Marian Brooks, my dear friend and animal lover. Ruth McElvany

Buster - a dignified three-legged boy rescued from the horrors of the streets 7 years ago. He is greatly missed. Dana Wiggs

Conan - my beautiful Belgian Tervuren who will always be in my heart. Jim Burnett

Nick - my wonderful husband who left this world on Oct. 26th. He is dearly missed by all of his anmals. Gerry Nickerson

Baby - our brave girl. We will miss you. Kelly Krupinski

Anita Claus - a true animal lover. Otto R. Claus

Mr. Squeaky. Julie A. Frey

Alice - a really wonderful little kitty. Wayne Hubbel & Maryalice Ditzler

Cleocatra - loved and never forgotten, died 10-02-97. Ana A. Garcia

Boots - our beloved Beagle. Helen Clemmenson

Alyssa Caezza - our daughter, a true animal lover and protector. Mary Ann & Bob Stothard

Cara - our gentle black and white English Cocker Spaniel, who we lost on February 6, 2002, at the age of 15. We'll miss you precious girl. Linda, Brian and Jason Spar

Bibby - our beloved cat who was with us 18 years. Sadly missed. The Baker Family

Schifferke Trudy - who came to me from Alley Animals nearly 15 years ago. Gerald Trobridge

My brother, James Frederick Leslie, Jr. Lillian G. Leslie

In Honor of:

Richard - kind and gentle heart towards his family and God's creations - the animals. Happy Birthday - God Bless you. Your family

Heidi and Thumper with love. Pat and Bob Williams

My father, James Frederick Leslie, Sr. , a man of unwaivering strength and kindness. Lillian G. Leslie


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