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Summer 2001 Edition
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by Jeanie Willis
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The woman on the phone sounded desperate. “Help me!” she said, “my daughter isn’t going to graduate from college unless you can do something.” Listening to her, I wondered how I could possibly help this mom with her daughter’s education!

It seemed that a little, very friendly calico cat had decided to relocate under her daughter’s dorm room window. Instead of studying for finals, this young lady was spending all her time watching out for the kitty. She made sure the car had a lot of food, water, attention, and shelter (in the form of a box with blankets covered with plastic). The schoolbooks were being neglected and collecting dust on her desk.

So, to help this frantic mom and preoccupied daughter I agreed to meet and take the cat. My plans were to take her to my vet for medical care and then adopt her to a loving home. Arriving at our meeting spot, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful little Della. (Previous address: University of Delaware, hence the name!) When I picked her up she purred and rested her head against my neck. But then my heart stopped. Della was very pregnant and, from experience, I knew she would be delivering soon. Now what? This could be a big problem, what to do with an expecting mommy. But, being a firm believe that no problem is insurmountable, the solution became immediately clear. Our spare bedroom would become the nursery and day care center for Della and her babies.

Sure enough, on May 20th Della gave birth to 5 healthy infants. She is the proud mother of three orange babies and two “cow” kitties (black and white). As of this writing, the kittens have opened their eyes and they are beginning to stagger around. Della is a proud, attentive, and wonderful mommy.

And, I am happy to report that the young lady from the University of Delaware graduated last weekend!

Up For Adoption

Della and her family.
In mid-July when the kittens are weaned, everyone will be ready for adoption
In the meantime, quite a few young cats and kittens are available and waiting for a home. A variety of ages, colors, and dispositions, all have had veterinary check-ups.

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