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Summer 2001 Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

In This Issue:

Tyger (4/92-9/00), our loving and always happy boy. We’ll never forget you, or stop loving you. Bryan & Kathy Gathagan

Beatrice (1980-2001), an original alley animal. There will never be another like “The Bea”. We love and miss you. Simon and Joan

Mildred, who left us two years ago today. She was a small black cat who was originally wild, but who became my “forever” best friend. Alden Addy

Dolores Lambert, my mother, who passed away on 2/15/01. She taught me to love and respect animals. Ron Lambert

Duper, he gave his love to Molly unconditionally. So loved, so missed. Nancy Sword

Anita Claus, my beloved late wife, who was a true animal lover. Otto R. Claus

Murphy & Bear, nine year companions of Jeff, Barbara, Heather and Julie Copoulos. Fred Michaelson

Margaret, a lovely kitty who came to live with us late in her life and in honor of Dr. Phillip Freed, her wonderful veterinarian. Cathy & Silvio Soares

Miss Kitty, J.W., & Kizzy. Cornelia M. Hodges

Joyce Tarricone, a great cat lover and friend. The Sowadas

Dixie, the “first” Spaniel. Sara December Rouland

Natalie Polland, beloved mom and animal lover. Joan Gregg

Blazer, our beloved champion Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Helen Walt Clemmenson

Mr. Nettles, Mr. Winfield, Munson, and Emmit, our wonderful cats. They came to us because our dear Westie, Duffy, loved cats. He walked with Munson and everyone wondered about it! He was our first “adoptee” from an abusive home and his housemates followed him to us. Emmitt came because he and Winfield were buddies. Emmit died before Winfield and Winfield howled over his grave for months. All of us will be together again, we know. Alice Helm

Casimir Razulis, my beloved father, and our precious cats Peeper & Grayling. We love and miss you always. Jean E. Razulis & Todd Cunningham

Alyssa Caezza (3/31/00). Mary A. Stothard

Shotzie, beloved “Rottie” of Annie. Your gentle and loving nature will be sorely missed. My guardian of eleven years has taken a part of my heart on her leaving. Ann Todd

Misty and Schaefer for 14 years of unconditional love and companionship. Tricia Sperlein

Mary Angela Dercola, my former wife; a tireless and loving defender of animals everywhere and a devoted protector of the many sweet cats and dogs who enriched our lives. Rest in peace Mary, with those we have loved. March 30, 2001. Tommy Dercola

Heidi, my mother’s 15 year old Beagle. We will all miss her. Fran Hauf

Tiggy, Puff, Paws, Sandy, Mikey and Robin, our loving and missed babies. They took a piece of our hearts with them. Ann V. Bernhardt

BIG MAX, my feline friend with the most wonderful curious spirit. Toni Rapone

Sam, my wonderful black kitty, who gave us 14 wonderful years. Jacquelyn S. Lodmell

Brutus & Dallas. Janice Schofield

Maxim J. Negrete, who died on May 7, 1984, and his childhood companion, a German Shepherd name Trix. We love you dad. Christina Negrete

Helen Hart, our mother, for Mother’s Day. Helen & Morris Needle

Girl, small calico mom cat, who left her beloved daughter Oliver & Guenivere, her home of 18 years, and me, the day after Valentine’s Day, to dance among heaven’s stars. I love you and shall miss you, little friend. Linda Medura

In Honor of:

My husband, who has a tender heart for animals. Your loving family. Patti, Shanna, Jeremy & Elisha Decker

Roy Popkin. Barbara Jamieson

Woofy, my Cocker Spaniel. Suzanne Mieso

Heidi and Thumper. Pat & Bob Williams

Oliver, my very best friend. Francine Jamin

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