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Winter 2002 Edition
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In Loving Memory of:

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Oreo, the little Cavalier with a big heart. We birthed her and turned her over to our dear friend, Judy Berger, who loved her for her lifetime. We’ll miss her. Arlene & Bob Hochberg

All our dogs - who gave us so much love. We miss them Rita Hockett

Tiffany - loved and never forgotten; euthanized 7/11/02. Ana A. Garcia

Ronnie Callahan. Lorie Wilhide

Earthworm, Jamila and Cinnamon. Donna Rae Castillo

Oreo - loved by Judy Berger

George Edward Johnson of Salisbury. Carol & Edward Scoone

Natalie Polland - my mother. Joan Gregg Harrell

Daisy - my beloved Shepherd mix. I miss you Daisy, and our girl-to-girl talks. Sandra Warfield

Daphne - our beautiful cat; rescued 10 years ago. Her spirit lives with us. Natalie Pawlow

Cleggie - a rabbit who deserved much more. Betty Wells

Dickens - my beloved little dog. Suzanne Kemp

George Johnson - we shared a love of animals. We’ll remember George as a kind and caring man. Joyce & Ed Warble

John Peters - my husband, a lover of all animals. Helen Peters

Darlene Jacoby Neidhardt - for her love of all animals, taking many of God’s creatures into her home - an old friend. Diane Turner

Chloe - my darling. Marybelle Page

Smokey, Magpie, and Pumpkin - 3 wondetfu1 cats who are strays no more. Toni Rapone

Anita Claus - who loved all animals. Otto Claus

George Johnston - who had a deep love for animals. Judy Benson

Tonto & Felix - two of our long-time companion cats who passed away in the last two years. We always remember them in our heart. Muh-Sha & Dan Crawford

Toonces - the cat who was “most like a dog in show”. Thank you for twelve years of love. Nancy Abramson

Cleggie - and all the other animals that suffer. Lynda Robinson

Conan. James Barnett

Bonnie - our snoodle. She had to be put down when her brain cancer caused numerous seizures daily. She was ten. W. Gilmore Smith

Zimmer - my beloved dog. Debbie Lyons

Cleggie - a dear bunny who deserved a better life. Dianne White

Damien - a wonderful dog and great feminist! We will miss you! Jessica Morgan & Brian Perkins

Oprah - my friend’s 14 yr. old Cocker Spaniel. Paula Anselmo

Saul Smilow. Sluuon S. Nardone

Taryn, Laurel, and Roddy - who were my last three pets. Charlotte Herrmann

Daphne - my beautiful long-hair, rescued 10 years ago. Natalie Pawlow

Perky - my darling dog and best friend She was taken from the streets and greatly loved for 14 of her 15 years. Nancy S. Pendleton

Lisa - my gentle calico, who died 14 Nov. 2002. For fifteen years she was my loyal companion - I miss her dearly and will never forget her. Frances Irene Klier

In Honor of:

Poet - Happy Birthday from Grandma & Grandpa

Heidi and Thumper with love. Pat and Bob Williams

Our daughter-in-law - Tami Metz’s birthday. Margaret & Howard Metz


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